About Our Dental Office – Sedona, AZ

Your Health is Our Priority

At Village Dentistry, Dr. Upton and our team know you care about your overall health. You want what is best for your body and smile, and so do we, which is why we are a dental practice that is dedicated to delivering comprehensive and conservative services that are designed to focus on whole-body health for the future. From the expertise and experience Dr. Upton brings to his patients each day to the innovative technology used for added comfort, we remain committed to caring for you and your family each time you come in. Learn a bit more about us by reviewing the information below.


When you arrive at our dental office in Sedona, you will immediately be greeted by a warm and welcoming team. We don’t view our patients as numbers but instead, we thrive by creating lasting relationships built on trust and respect. You’re more than just your smile, so don’t be surprised if we ask about the family and how life is going in general. We genuinely care and want you to feel right at home.

Individualized Approach

No two patients are alike, which means we cater our treatment plans according to your unique needs. With careful examination and discussion of your concerns and goals, we will make appropriate recommendations based on your preferences as well as what we believe will make the most positive difference in your smile and overall health. You’ll never find a one-size-fits-all approach in our office.

Experience & Technology Combined

Dr. Upton leads the team at Village Dentistry with 35+ years of experience. Complete with years of advanced continuing education, he has trained at some of the best institutes and honed his skills to provide a more holistic approach. He also incorporates updated technologies such as dental lasers, a cone beam scanner, and even digital X-rays to create a more positive patient experience.

Focused on Whole-Body Health

Your smile is only one part of your body, and Dr. Upton understands that what happens inside the mouth can have positive or negative effects on the rest of your well-being. With a clear focus on biomimetic and “whole person” dentistry, he uses conservative methods to treat and care for you as a complete person instead of focusing solely on your teeth and gums. This ensures that whatever treatment is provided, it will serve to boost and improve overall wellness.