Preventive Dentistry – Sedona, AZ

Your Family’s Health is Our Priority

Your overall health requires you to take steps to ensure it remains in good shape year after year. Part of this process involves keeping regular dental checkups and cleanings as part of your normal routine. At Village Dentistry, Dr. Upton and our team believe in providing preventive services designed to minimize the potential for harmful bacteria and debris as well as combat it in its earliest stages. To discover the kinds of services you can expect when visiting our office, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Village Dentistry for Preventive Dentistry?

  • Dentist with More Than 35 Years of Experience
  • We Care About Your Whole-Body Health
  • We Are an Insurance-Friendly Practice

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Every six months, you should plan to see our team for regular checkups and cleanings. It is during these visits that we will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove accumulated bacteria and plaque as well as check for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and cavities. Many of these common oral health problems can lead to worsening symptoms developing throughout the body, so it’s essential that we take proper care of your mouth to minimize the potential for more severe issues to form later on.

Children’s Dentistry

Young smiles deserve high-quality dental care, which is why our team is here to deliver kid-friendly services that are designed to ensure optimal growth and development as they age. Whether it is combatting cavities from an early age or monitoring their bite alignment, our team is here to provide the compassion and care your child deserves in a positive and welcoming environment.

Oral Cancer Screening

Using our Velscope device, we can perform oral cancer screenings to detect abnormalities early on so that your chances of survival are much higher. Too often, individuals neglect their oral health and discover they have discolored patches inside their mouths that are signs of oral cancer. Without timely intervention, it can lead to serious consequences and even death. With one person losing their life each hour in the U.S. to oral cancer, our team is here to ensure you do not become one of these individuals.

Fluoride Treatment

Children and adults who are considered high risk for cavities can benefit from traditional fluoride as well as silver diamine fluoride. While regular fluoride combats decay before it starts and helps to strengthen tooth enamel, silver diamine fluoride (SDF) eliminates decay that has already caused a cavity to form, while fluoride works to build up the remaining enamel. Both treatment options are highly beneficial for anyone who is prone to cavities and needs additional help to protect their teeth.

Dental Sealants

Premolars and molars are some of the hardest teeth to reach, especially for young children who are learning to properly clean their teeth. However, with dental sealants, we can apply this clear coating over the chewing surfaces to better protect the pits and grooves that exist and easily trap bacteria. By coating these teeth at a regular dental checkup appointment, they will remain in place for up to a decade, allowing smiles of all ages to remain better protected from more serious oral health problems.

Athletic Mouthguards / Sportsguards

Avid athletes need optimal protection while on the court, track, or field. But shoulder pads, a helmet, and knee pads often are not enough. To safeguard one’s smile in its entirety, our team can create a customized athletic mouthguard that is designed to absorb excessive pressure placed on teeth and gums during a game. By serving as a barrier between teeth and external force, these devices serve to minimize the number of dental emergencies required to address a damaged smile.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Grinding your teeth at night does more than damage your tooth enamel. It can also lead to chronic jaw pain and intense headaches. Fortunately, with a customized nightguard created by our team, we can minimize the damage caused by bruxism and instead, deliver effective results that will help to change the way your mouth moves while asleep as well as create a barrier between your teeth to prevent further harm to your tooth enamel and jaw joints.